Faro Airport terminal building

Where can I find detailed Terms and Conditions for a quote?

When you receive an online quote, please read the "Terms and Conditions" (T&Cs) link as the details will vary depending on the rental vehicle supplier.

How do I amend or cancel a booking and will I be charged?

Most of the rental companies that we are affiliated with allow the option to amend or cancel reservations online. Some suppliers have no cancellation fee if the cancellation is made more than 48 hours prior to the vehicle collection time. Generally, the later you leave it to cancel the rental vehicle, the more likely you are to incur charges.

When you make a booking you will receive a contact details for the supplier which you can use to cancel the booking

See our rental companies we work with page for more details.

What is the fuel policy?

The fuel policy is detailed in the "Terms and Conditions" link of the quote. Read more information about how rental car companies charge for fuel.

Will my vehicle be collected at Faro Airport?

This depends on the rental company. Some companies we compare quotes from operate inside Faro Airport. The larger companies (Avis, Budget, Europcar, Enterprise, Goldcar and Hertz) have their own compounds which are a short walk from the arrivals terminal. Some of the local rental companies operate from Car Park P4.

A number of companies use a shuttle service to compounds just outside Faro Airport perimeter. Underneath the car type on the quote look for Desk In Terminal for rental companies with cars located inside the airport compound.

Will I need a credit card when I collect the rental vehicle?

Most of the companies in the Algarve that we work with will require a credit card irrespective of whether you take out the full CDW cover with us or with the rental vehicle supplier when you collect the vehicle. This practice is normal with vehicle rental companies in most European countries.

Some companies such as Goldcar (and affiliates InterRent) may not require a credit card if you purchase the additional "Super Relax" insurance.

Debit cards are not accepted.

NOTE: AMEX and some other credit cards are not accepted by many rental companies.

Why do rental companies "block" an amount on hirers the credit card?

Most car rental companies block an amount on your credit card when the rental vehicle is collected. This may be referred to as a "Security Deposit".

Credit card blocking means that although the funds are not taken from the account, the funds cannot be used until the block is removed. This can cause people problems whilst they are on holiday as they may be left with insufficient credit. The amount blocked varies usually depending on the type of vehicle (smaller economy vehicles will usually have a lower amount blocked than larger vehicles.).

Credit card blocking is used as an "insurance policy" by the rental company and covers cases where the rental company is left with a bill by the hirer. This can be for a variety of reasons including unpaid fines, late return of the rental vehicle and cases where the CDW insurance is invalidated for example if the driver has an accident whilst under the influence of alcohol or for reckless driving. The practice of blocking credit for rental vehicles is normal throughout Portugal and many other European countries.

Is it safe to give my credit card details when I book a vehicle on your website?

Yes all bookings with us are made via a secure (encrypted) SSL server. Whenever you use a credit card online look for the https at the start of the website address when you make the payment.

What is the "Zero Excess" option when I book a vehicle?

This option is to provide CDW Insurance Excess cover. Deselect this option if you do not want this additional cover, or if you wish to purchase cover directly from the rental company when you collect the vehicle.

Will the rental company wait if I have a flight which arrives late at night, or if my flight is delayed at night?

When you book a vehicle online you will be asked for your flight details. The rental company at Faro Airport will wait for your flight to arrive. If you collect a vehicle late at night there will normally be an "out of hours" charge (typically after 10PM in winter and 11PM in summer although this varies depending on the rental company).

What happens after I book a vehicle?

After you have booked a rental vehicle you will receive an email giving you details of where the vehicle is to be collected. It is important that you enter your email address correctly when you book a vehicle. Please check your Junk Folder if you do not receive an email within a few minutes of booking.

Can I take the rental car from Portugal to Spain?

Usually this will not be a problem, but most rental companies charge an additional cross border fee (typically around € 50). Let the rental company know when you collect the car if you are planning to visit Spain.

What is the largest vehicle that can be rented on a standard UK licence or a European licence in Portugal?

In Portugal a 9 seat minibus such as a Mercedes Vito or Ford Transit is the largest vehicle that can be driven on a UK/European licence.

How do I pay for the A22 toll road?

If you are planning to use the A22 toll road which connects Faro Airport to many of the major Algarve resorts see our A22 toll payment options page.