10 Useful Portuguese Translations for Drivers

Algarve road

If you are in the Algarve on holiday, depending where you are many Portuguese people will speak English. However, if you venture off the beaten track things may become more difficult.

Portuguese is very similar to Spanish, and fluent Spanish speakers should be able to make themselves understood in Portugal.

Here are 10 useful English to Portuguese translations if you are out and about with your hire car...

  • Do you speak English? -> Fala Inglês?

  • Can you give me directions to... Albufeira? -> Pode dizer me como chegar a... Albufeira?

  • Can you tell me where is the nearest garage for petrol? -> Pode dizer me onde fica a estação de serviço mais proxima?

  • Where is the nearest shop? -> Qual a loja mais proxima?

  • Can you tell me where is the nearest telephone? -> Qual o telefone publico mais proximo?

  • Do you know where I can get a puncture fixed around here? -> Sabe onde fica a oficina de pneus mais proxima?

  • How much will it cost? -> Qual o preço?

  • Do you accept credit cards? -> Aceita cartão de crédito?

  • I don´t know the PIN for my card -> Não sei o código do meu cartão.

  • Thank you -> Obrigado (when speaking to a male) / Obrigada (female)

  • Excuse-me I'm lost -> Desculpe estou perdido